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Bull Dog
This is an entry level 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive offered ready to run with a target price between the $10,000-$12,000 price range.  It will run on 7.5" gauge track. There will be many additional detail items that will be available as well, i.e., bell, sand dome, modern style head light,  etc. It will have an axle pump or crosshead pumps. and one injector.


Bore & Stroke:  1.3125" x 2.25"

Stevenson Valve Gear

Driver Diameter:  5"

Boiler Diameter:  5.562" OD (5" pipe)

Overall Length = 28.125"  front of pilot to rear of cab overhang

Overall width = 13.875

Overall height = 17.625 rail head to top of stack

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